About Us

About Us

loveyourwalls.ca is the creation of Elevator Digital, a printing, framing and photography company located in Toronto for the past 25 years.  What began as a print lab for the photographic trade is now a family run business with a passion for art, photography, and creativity.

Over the years our clients have included everyone from corporate, worldwide brands to the one guy who walks into our shop to frame a picture for his wife’s birthday. No matter who the client, we have become known for making the most out of people’s digital files and originals, and framing them with expertise.

We buy quality wood for our moulding where we hand-cut and join each and every frame right in our facility.  We also use the best quality, archival photo papers and print each print with an eye to excellence. Each frame is finished by hand, and with the heart of an artisan. We put our stamp of approval on every frame we make and are proud of our work.

We began to create gallery walls early in our business.  Over the years we have created hundreds of custom walls for various clients with various ideas.  No matter the size and shape of the wall, one thing was always clear - people wanted to tell their stories through their photos.  People, places, and things that meant something to them.


custom gallery wall, photo wall
custom gallery wall, photo wall, custom framing,
Custom gallery wall, photo wall, custom framing

The loveyourwalls.ca idea.

We wanted to make gallery walls easy and accessible for everyone, and so the loveyourwalls.ca product line came to be.  While we will still continue to work those who wants a custom designed wall, we now offer a ready-to-hang line that is easy and accessible. While the product is new, the intention remains the same; to create beautiful photographic art that will look great, last a lifetime, and help people to share their memories and stories.

You can learn more about our parent company, Elevator Digital here.