One size fits all on any wall.

One size fits all on any wall.

We are officially in the time of gift-giving. Ah yes, that time when we wonder what we can get our loved ones and friends that will act as that perfect gift, and then keep the receipts just in case.

Might we suggest the gift of memories? In the form of photos, perhaps?

Many years ago we coined the phrase from shoebox to shadowbox, referring to the scads of family pictures we kept in a shoebox (or maybe a few) under the stairs. Now, of course, our iPhones are our new shoeboxes and our wish this year is that more people take those shots off their phone and instead frame and hang them on the wall.

To gift someone one of our products, all you have to do is hop on our site and click on “gift cards.” We have made it easy for the recipient to choose a wall and upload their shots, and then we do the rest; create a beautiful wall and deliver it to their door ready for hanging.


Gallery In One

We have made the choice even easier with our newest product, our Gallery in One. We understand that not everyone has the space for a full wall. Our Gallery In One allows someone to showcase six or nine shots, all in one frame.

The gift of photography allows us to honour those special occasions and holidays: graduation, new home, wedding, birthday, Christmas (hint, hint.)  And honour the people, places, and things that we love: travel shots, kid’s growing up, fave flowers, family gatherings, our pets. 

(People LOVE their dogs and we can’t blame them.)

iPhones, and the photos stored on them, won’t last forever but a framed picture will. 

And you don’t have to keep the receipts.

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