How high is too high?

How high is too high?

It is the question we have been asked most often over the past 25 years. How high do I hang my pictures?

Not too high, we usually answer, because usually people do. It is a common mistake.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb.

The best height at which to hang a piece of art is at your eye level. That said, because people who are 6’3” hang art as well as people who are 5’2”, we need to be a little more specific.

What is referred to as museum height, (remember, museums have many different heights of people looking at their frames), dictates that the centre of a frame should be approximately 60” - 66” (give or take) from the floor. This will depend on the size of the piece and the height of the wall on which your art will hang.

Since most of us will not be hanging our art in a museum, and instead in our own homes, different rules may apply. Generally, art should sit 8” to 10” above anything it is being hung over - a couch, a table, etc. We don’t want dining room chairs bumping into the photos, nor do we want people banging their heads on the frames. Again, this will depend on the size of the picture.

When it comes to gallery walls, things get a little tricky and there are many methods including taping out the wall first, measuring 2 - 3 inches between frames, and starting in the middle and working out.

OR, you can hop off this blog and buy one of our ready-to-hang gallery walls where we have done the design for you. We give you a template that offers a starting point for a centre line and with some pointers on how high it should be placed. Every gallery wall is different and every home is different so you will still have to use your judgement. 

Which brings us to the last point. Trust your judgement. Art is supposed to be fun and bring us joy. Use your own creative eye and put things where it makes you happy. Don’t stress too much about it. We always taught our kids, there are no mistakes in art, and that goes for hanging it too.

Well, except, when it’s too high. That’s a big mistake. But now you won’t make it.

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