As seen in the Toronto Sun

As seen in the Toronto Sun

A great article by Vicky Sanderson  

September 1/23

I've never met a gallery wall I didn't like. That's because I love images

that tell a story - and a gallery-style grouping of framed art,

photographs, and memorabilia never fails to tell a tale, whether it's

through shared history of old family photos, or an unexpected taste

for, say, black and white architectural photography.

But like any compelling narrative, a well-executed gallery wall

requires a structure. This one starts with picking prints, and includes

choosing the size, shape, configuration, matting, and finish of frames,

as well as the arithmetic involved with hanging pieces on the wall.

A new ready-to-hang line removes all that bother, and make highlypersonalized

gallery walls easy, accessible, and significantly more

affordable than a conventional custom job. is the creation of Elevator Digital, a printing and

framing business already known for making, framing, and hanging

commercial and residential art and photography, some of which is

shipped securely around the world.

Over the past 25 years, owners Kevin and Michele Viner have created

hundreds of custom gallery walls. They saw that no matter the size and

shape of their space, people want to use it to tell stories of cherished

people, places, and objects.


(There's an interesting history of the gallery wall on the Saatchia Art

blog, and more gallery wall ideas on

From start to finish, hassles and potential stumbling blocks are

identified and eliminated. Photos are easily downloaded to the site by

using the guidelines for several set gallery configurations, each of

which indicates how much wall space it requires.

Options include a space-saving set of three photos in a 26-inch high

by32-inch wide space, and two stacked rows of three 12- by 12-inch

photos in 21- by 21-inch frames, which needs 50 inches in height and

76 inches across.


At $1245, The Sixer is the priciest kit. An eight-piece collection comes

in differently-sized frames and needs 40- by 65- inches. Photo sizes

top out at 12- by 12 inches to ensure clarity of image.

Jpegs, heic, and png files from phone or desktop can all be used,

although the larger the file, the better. Frames can be white, black, or

natural wood - all in a matte satin finish. An acrylic surface for

photos that's virtually indistinguishable from glass makes pieces safer

to ship.

After submitting photos, a digital proof that shows crops is sent to the

client by email. They have 36 hours to respond. After that, production


The wall is shipped in five to seven business days via Canada Post or

Purolator. Prices for each kit includes shipping.

Along with the framed photos comes a lilfe-size template that tapes to

the wall to position framed prints and place hangers. It's a super

simple process, but an online video goes through the steps.

Another practical note for hardware nerds like me - the hooks and

nails that are included are WallBuddies, a favourite of those who hang

photos, in part because they are both very sturdy and very "forgiving".

That means that even if the nail moves a hair when hammered into the

paper template, the hardware has some up or down play.

While there's plenty of enthusiasm from established homeowners for

a one-stop- gallery-wall, their gift certificates are gaining as a way to

recognize celebrations like weddings, the arrival of babies, and family


Knowing how long a gallery wall will stick around and how much

meaning they can have, savvy real-estate agents are also beginning to

offer them as closing gifts to clients, as are corporations looking for

customizable gifts and tributes.

I suppose that's a sign that there are lots of others like me who relish a

good tale, well-told in pictures.


Vicky Sanderson is the editor of Around the House. Check her out on

Instagram @athwithvicky Twitter ATHwithVicky and


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